Classes and workshops in the studio will be starting again from the 14th Sept. Class sizes are smaller so spaces are limited!

You can find videos about all the basics of hand building in clay on my YouTube channel with more added regularly.  Why not check it out! 

Details of the autumn Raku workshops I’ll be offering will be available soon!!!

The raku process is an amazing spectacle to watch as the pieces are removed from the kiln red hot then some can be placed in a bin of sawdust or paper which instantly catches fire. The special glazes and techniques can give some beautiful results including white crackle (with fine black cracks through the glaze) to colourful oil spot effect using copper.

Welcome to Paula Armstrong Ceramics with Crafty Parties’ online home.


Cambridgeshire based ceramic artist making contemporary, sculptural pieces in stoneware clay.  With eclectic inspiration from the natural world, enso and the material itself, each hand built piece has a character and presence all of its own.


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