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I am happy to make to commission.

Teddy box personalisedMy most recent commission was Daisy, a beautiful boxer dog made especially for her owner.  Coming soon will be a highland cow commission.  I’m very excited as cows hold a special place in my heart.

I can also make special gifts like the teddy box which can be personalised.  (This was made as a gift for a friend upon the birth of Mabel Lily.) A special gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas or any other occasion can be made.  Just pop in for a chat about what you would like.

As each item is hand built in clay please allow enough time for the making, firing and glazing processes (typically allow 1 month minimum).  Please also have a look at my gallery to get a feel for my style before deciding if you would like something made in ceramic.

Public Art commissions

The vine commission finished

to completion

The vine commission design

From design

Heart tiles and leavesI also have experience with public art commissions within schools.  I have completed a ceramic and textile commission for the Vine Inter-Church Primary School in Cambourne to celebrate their 10th birthday.   It was a fabulous piece made with help from pupils and staff inspired by the school name, their values and the sayings that are around the school.  Made of hearts and leaves the vine also has buttons on the lower leaves for pupils to hang wishes and prayers on.

I am currently working with Over Primary School on a tile commission to welcome guests to their school.  The design is inspired by the school logo and, as this is to be sited outdoors, this one will be all ceramic.  Each child in the school has made at least one tile to be included in the final piece.  I’m now busily firing and glazing all those pieces before making the remaining pieces and reassembling the jigsaw to make sure it all still fits!

Over commission design Over commission wall Over commission cutting out templateOver commission tilesOver commission tiles glazed dsc_3896
If you have a project or idea you would like to discuss please get in touch.

Community Art

I am a great believer that everyone should have the chance to experience and enjoy art and craft. I have experience in planning, funding and leading community art workshops taking ceramics to a wide range of groups who wouldn’t normally have had the chance to experience it. Art and Craft are a fabulous way to bring people together and celebrate community!

Event services

I am experienced in organising a wide range of events including lantern parades, music recitals, art auction, open studios, parties, project launches and exhibitions to name a few. I enjoy organising and coordinating all the various elements and pulling it all together for everyone to have a fabulous time!

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about any of these services.

Commission stable plaque Commission stars

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