Ceramics classes on site, team building activities/days and creative leadership development

Clay is a great medium to encourage creative thinking from developing a design through to creative problem solving as you build.

Corporate Classes

I’m can bring my regular format 10 week course to your workplace or venue of choice.  I bring all the equipment and materials with me all that’s needed on site is a room with an easy to clean floor and access to water, enough tables and chairs for everyone (max 12 per class) and a cupboard to store any half finished pieces between classes.  Wellcome bisq piecesOnce things are made they come back to the studio with me and are fired in my kiln.

Students get to make pieces from beginning to end in all three of the main hand building techniques (no throwing on a wheel).

Costs start from £145 per person.

Team building

Team mural created by Addenbrooke’s Hospital Dietetic Department in May 2019

For a fabulous team building activity, after a quick demonstration of the hand building techniques you’ll need, you work as a team to design and build a joint piece.  I’m there to provide support and answer any questions but the making is for each member of the team to do.  At the end you have a piece that will be fired and finished as a permanent reminder of what can be achieved working together.  The choice of what to make is yours, from a plaque for your office wall to a sculpture for the gardens, and it can be decided ahead of time or on the day.

I can bring everything to you or for small teams (max 12) you can come to my studio in Willingham.  With a cafe next door and a front room in the studio this is a great creative space to escape the office and work on team building.

Prices start from £200 for a half day event for up to 12 participants including all materials, firings and refreshments.

Creative leadership development

I am fascinated with the concept of creative leadership and am currently developing a programme of creative leadership development workshops to help managers and leaders understand some of the intricacies of the creative process and how these can help develop leadership skills.  If this is something you are interested in I would love to work with you to create some tailored training and professional development tools.

In a world where leaders have to make decisions with only partial information and where goals are set in an ever changing environment flexibility and adaptability become valuable assets and create competitive advantage.  In other words the ability to think creatively and problem solve are crucial skills.  There is also the driving need to innovate and create new products constantly and faster than the competition to feed the desires of the trend-following markets.  All of which places creativity higher on the business radar.

As an artist and business leader who has studied an MBA I can use clay and the creative process to help you identify leadership habits and unlock wider thinking, develop new skills, explore collaborative working and free up thought processes.  I can offer individual coaching or bespoke training for small groups.

But, what is creative leadership?  Good question!

I wrote a short paper on the subject a few years ago in which I wrote “…a creative leader for me is someone who leads in a situation when the final outcome is unclear; they have faith in their and their employees’ skills and knowledge to find the way forward; they are open to ideas, are aware of their surroundings and make connections; they have a collaborative approach encouraging all members of the team to put ideas forward believing the ‘sum of the parts is more than the whole’.  It will be interesting to see how this fits with concepts I find to study.

Creative leadership is a term that can often be found in business literature but is surprisingly difficult to define.  Definition is a particular challenge as the concepts of creativity and leadership are both individually being debated and refined by academics around the world.”

While a superficial search has shown there have been some notable developments around the concept of Creative leadership by people like Sir Ken Robinson and institutions have grown up around the idea (Centre for Creative Leadership and THNK), I think the above remains largely true.  At this moment I feel creative leadership is a mixture of authentic, adaptable, collaborative and visionary leadership and the ability to understand when to use each to support creative development.

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