This has been a challenging year for me.  It has stretched me in ways I have struggled with and has made me seriously consider what is important to me and what I really want to do. Essentially I’ve been working hard to find my balance, in more ways than one!

I have had some health issues that have meant I’ve had to slow down and change the way I work.  It has meant taking on help and paying attention to what my body needs rather than what needs doing.  It has meant getting really good at prioritising and failing sometimes because I can’t find a way, but I think I’m getting there. I saw a post on facebook recently that has really resonated with me.  It put forward the idea of thinking about our energy being a resource similar to money and that we should consider where we’re spending it and where we gather it, how we find balance for our energy.

So within my work, I was always intending to put more focus on developing my own pieces which I have managed to start doing and am really happy with where it’s going.  However, having put more energy into my own work has meant my classes have been cut back to just my studio programme.  So far, this seems to work well for me, it’s comfortable being in my own space and travel time is minimal. I do still passionately believe that anyone, especially children, who would like to try clay should have the chance so I continue to group workshops and save my energy for them when they come up.

I am learning to welcome opportunities but also recognising when I need to pass them on. I have found that I take great satisfaction from being able to do this and in the process support other makers. There’s a feeling of success for me in the fact that I have made it far enough to be able to support others; perhaps it’s the teacher in me! This satisfaction has had a balancing effect on the disappointment I’ve felt at having to slow down, but I think I will always have big ambitions so now it’s just a case of figuring out how to achieve them in a slightly different way to the original plan 🙂

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