As I sit here thinking about what to write it occurred to me that inspiration is what I’m missing.  It has become such a habit for me to keep my eyes open day to day for inspiration for my artwork that I find this surprising.  I do however recognise that it is quite different trying to think of something interesting to say with words rather than clay, textiles or crafts.  When I consider how I’m inspired for my own work I find that I have integrated it into my regular living to a certain degree (I can see an object, photo, someone else’s work, or virtually anything else that catches my eye) but then  top this up with some dedicated time to explore something that has inspired me in order to take it to a level where I can work with it.  (I’m currently finding Pinterest a great way of collating inspiration online as I like having everything in one place to go back to, a bit like a ‘mood board’.)

My challenge is that it’s very visual inspiration and it seems I need to find some time for my blog inspiration hunt, to search out thoughts, opinions, stories and considering topics being discussed elsewhere on the web.  I would never say I was a writer, although I very much enjoy writing, and I’m finding a different sort of inspiration is needed for words.

For someone fascinated with the infinite variety of the creative process, this is fascinating and has given me something to think more on :-).

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