A very short blog but one that comes from the heart.

I love being busy and I love having lots of different things to be working on but this past week I have begun to understand that I’m losing myself in the busy.  My to do list is getting longer and longer, especially with Christmas coming up and I have made a couple of mistakes that, with some clear thinking time I might have avoided, maybe…  I am living my dream but reality is trying to invade from all sides and my time to make work for myself has become severely limited by the call on my time from other business tasks that must be completed.  While I actually also enjoy most of these tasks, I have realised I have the balance wrong.

Work-Life balance is well known, and part of the reason I chose to follow this path, but I have come to realise I need balance within my work as well.  I have a terrible habit of trying to fit more in than I realistically can (I’ve always been one to want everything!) but I have finally realised it’s not only bad for me but also bad for my art and business.

So my advice to myself, and anyone else who wishes to take it, is to pick what you want to do carefully and don’t get taken on too many tangents (whilst also being open to opportunities that arise).  Plan and review the plan regularly.  When you accept something new you need to consider what you will no longer do as a result and accept that, be it temporary or permanent and, most of all ‘breathe and relax’!

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