face painting

It has been a fabulously busy time over the last couple of weeks, not least with lots of face painting!  It has been great to not only celebrate birthdays with some great little people but to be part of an amazing local fundraising event in my village of Longstanton celebrating St George’s Day.  I arrived straight from a party to be kept busy with a queue through the whole event and for an hour after the official finish time ;-). I think we were the last stall to clear away.

Face painting is quite a new skill in my range but I have to say I love it!  The mirror moment when people see their face after having it painted is priceless and very satisfying.  I love how you can completely change someone’s face, almost so you no longer see them but they become someone or something else completely, all with a little bit of paint and a few minutes.

I guess it’s a lot like clay in that the possibilities are endless!

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